Are you using one of these passwords?

Found this nugget today listing the top 200 passwords and how long it took to crack them…if you are in need of Cyber Security testing, evaluation or remediation, reach out and let us know! We can help!

$100 Exam Prep Course for Veterans…

Annually for Veteran’s Day, Project Management Academy offers 100 seats in our Virtual PMP Bootcamp course for just $100. Normally this course is upwards of $1800. Click here for more information and to sign up. and Project Management Academy proudly support those who served our country.

PMI Acquires Disciplined Agile

Short Podcast introducing Disciplined Agile with the PMI President and Mark Lines, the Co-Founder of Disciplined Agile. According to Mark, DA is one of the most “comprehensive, well organized, cohesive toolkit for Agile practices and strategies that exist.” They focus on optimizing your chosen agile approach at enterprise level.

Are you ready for the NEXT crisis?

No, we haven’t (or shouldn’t) come out of lock down yet, but your organization is changing. Here is a great article from Investor’s Business Daily about how the changes you are making now are preparing you for the next crisis.


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