Our Approach

Traditionally, Project Management focused on Scope, Schedule, and Budget. And that still works for many companies, but when we partner with you, we want to understand why it is your company even exists. What are your values? What are your customer promises? We craft our approach with a focus on that, to ensure that you not only get what you want, but how you got what you wanted reflects your company’s values.

Rob Gibbs
PMP, Founder, & CEO

I huge Project Management geek. It took me some time to admit it and embrace it, but I love Project Management. A graduate of the US Air Force Academy, my vocation in the Air Force was Transportation and Logistics, but always as a leader. After the service, I owned my own real estate company in Arizona. After the downturn I spent time at a regional airline, eventually becoming their Western Region Manager for Ground Operations. I earned my PMP in 2012 and have worked primarily in IT and IT Construction since then. I’ve been consulting in the IT and Project Management fields since 2015 with a focus on infrastructure and process management and I’ve been teaching for the Project Management Academy since late 2019. My personal resume can be viewed here. How Can We Help?

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